Welcome to Glevum Effluent Disposal

At Glevum we clean out septic tanks for all types of properties. If your house or building does not connect to a sewage system then from time to time you will need to clean out your septic tanks.

Glevum services include septic tank emptying service and cesspits emptying. We have a highly skilled team to provide you with a fast and easy service. We can come out in emergencies but we usually offer yearly contracts emptying your cesspit or septic tank on regular intervals.

Cesspit tanks are usually bigger than septic tanks. Cesspit tanks usually need cleaning on a regular basis, with our experience and tools we can do this quickly and efficiently. For cesspit emptying call 01452 521 300.

Emptying Treatment Plants & Emptying Septic Tanks

Glevum also have services such as emptying septic tanks and emptying treatment plants. We provide these services to business and domestic clients and have acquired the skills and knowledge to make the service fast and affordable. We have specialist staff who only use the latest technology and will come to your premises and inspect and survey the tanks. We can maintain and repair your septic tanks and treatment plants.

Klargester Products

We only use Klargester products because they have the best international reputation for being eco friendly. Klargester was established in 1955 and they created a number of products which changed the treatment of sewage where drainage was not available. Klargester is a market leading product hence we at Glevum only us the best products and tools to get the job done properly.

We offer our services in a number of areas such as Gloucester, Stroud, Tewkesbury, Cirencester, Wooton Under Edge & Newent

One Off or Regular Collection

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